5 Painting Projects to Do Before Putting Your Home on the Market

5 Painting Projects to Do

Before selling your home, you may want to do a few painting projects. Many real estate agents believe that painting is one of the lowest cost, highest return steps you can take before putting your house on the market. Wondering what to do? Consider the following ideas.

Freshen Up

Freshen up any areas where the paint is flaking or looking faded. If you have small amounts of damage, try to address those issues as well. For instance, if you have a water stain on a wall or holes in the sheetrock, do some repairs and painting. If buyers see those issues, they may choose another home instead, or they may request a repair allowance that greatly exceeds the cost of fixing the issue upfront.

When prospective buyers see a home that has been freshly painted. they get the impression that the buyer takes good care of the property and that inspires a sense of confidence that beyond the walls, the rest of the home has also been well maintained. In a competitive market, that can be essential.


Selling a home is about imagination. Prospective buyers have to see themselves in your space, and if your home is completely personalized to your tastes, they may have trouble making that mental leap. To help them on their journey, repaint anything that is extremely personalized. For instance, if you have a wildly colored accent wall, stencils in the bathroom, or murals in the kids’ bedrooms, you may want to paint over those areas.

Go with Neutrals

As you depersonalize and freshen up your paint scheme, also get rid of any colors that look overly dated. As a general rule of thumb, when you walk into a room, you shouldn’t be able to tell which year it was decorated or painted. You want a relatively timeless look.

Go with neutral tones. Don’t just paint the walls white — that can feel cold and uninspiring. Instead, consider popular neutrals such as gray, greige, sand, and off white. Your painting contractor may also have some ideas about the best direction to take your color scheme.

Enhance Small Spaces

Also utilize paint to make small spaces feel larger. Light colors and monochromatic palettes can make laundry rooms, bathrooms, small offices, and similar spaces look bigger than they are. Additionally, light colored paint can also help to enhance the feeling of light in relatively dark spaces such as hallways or basements.

Curb Appeal

The interior is just the beginning. You also need to think about your curb appeal. What do prospective buyers and real estate agents think when they drive up to your home? Are they wowed? Do they want to go in? If not, you may want to use paint to make your home feel more appealing.

Repaint the entire exterior if necessary and you have the budget. Otherwise, consider addressing repair issues, redoing the trim, and covering any areas where the paint is especially worn. Think about the door as well. A brightly colored door can make a huge difference to your curb appeal.

Selling your home is a big move. Don’t try to skimp on the process by painting on your own. Invest in the beauty of your home by hiring a professional. To get a quote and start talking about your painting needs, contact us today. At Cape Cod Painting, we have the experience you need to make your home look great.

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