7 Tips for Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

Exterior Paint Colors

Getting ready to paint your home? Tired of your existing color? Ready for a new look? Picking a color for your home’s exterior is the fun part of painting, but it can be intimidating. To get help with the process, check out these tips.

1. Start with Fixed Colors

Look up! What color is your roof? Ideally, you want to ensure your roof complements the new colors you choose for your home. Driveways, stone walls, brickwork, chimneys, and other fixed elements can also help you narrow in on the right paint colors. Planning around elements that are the hardest to change is the easiest way to end up with a cohesive look.

2. Complement Your Architecture

Consider honoring your older home by using historically accurate color schemes or choosing colors that were popular when your home was built. There are historic color charts available that can help or the historical society in your area may have suggestions.

3. Choose at Least Three Colors

Generally, most homes need three colors of paint: the dominate field color, the accent color which brings smaller areas like doors and shutters to life, and the trim color. Keep in mind that simpler designs may only need a couple colors, but for an elaborate Victorian home or something similar, you should plan on four to six colors.

4. Integrate Some Contrast

To enhance the visual appeal of your home, integrate some contrasting shade. As a general rule of thumb, your trim should contrast with your field color. If your field color is dark, for example, you may want to choose a classic white or a pale shade for your trim. On the other hand, if your home’s dominant color is light, a dark trim creates a stunning, dramatic effect.

5. Consider Your Neighborhood

Take a walk around your neighborhood for some inspiration. As you look around, gather ideas from your neighbors and modify them to reflect your own sense of style. Also, try to find colors that go with the flow of your neighborhood, and if you have an HOA, make sure to check its painting guidelines before finalizing your color selection.

6. Take Cues from Mother Nature

The landscape around your home is a great place to get more color ideas. Ideally, you want to complement these features. Here are some ideas:

  • Trees suggest earthy colors such as greens and browns.
  • Vivid blues, turquoises, and even pink can be ideal for homes near the beach.
  • Got tulips? Roses? Or other flowers? Consider harmonizing your home’s color with the colors that bloom in your garden.

7. Play with Preselected Color Pallets

If you decide on a main color but need help with the accents, look at the pre-selected color palettes put together by most painting companies. These palettes help you see how different colors look together. Before you get started, you may even want to put some sample paint on your home to see how different options look together once applied.

To get help choosing the right color for your home, contact us today. At Cape Cod Painting, we handle both interior and exterior painting as well as power washing and carpentry work. We have been working with clients in the Cape Cod area since 1985, and we’d love the chance to add new colors to your home. Fill out the form for a free estimate or call us directly.

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