Before painting, walls may need freshening up.  We are experienced in sheet rock and wall repair that is easy on your wallet.  Would you rather spend a lot or make it look good? There are many options and we can help.   We also perform general wood work such as replacing rake, corner, window casing, etc.  and support larger carpentry & construction projects.  Please inquire for details.

Wall Repair, Light Carpentry, and Contractor Support

If your project requires wall or woodwork repair, we can accomplish effective upgrades on your budget. 

We support contractors who are looking for a little help with your project.  If they would like to complete the job faster or seek to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, we can help out and accelerate the job.  Our professional staff is happy to work with primary contractors  and knows the importance  of being a responsible subcontractor.

  • Wall work on sheet rock

  • Joint Compound repair

  • Ceiling painting & repair

  • Roofing & Siding personnel in our network of providers

  • Molding & Trim on damaged or deteriorated wood

  • Window Sealing due to age and/or settling

  • Contractor Support to new construction & additions

  • Tile & Floor installations personnel in our network

We use the right tools for the job...