How to Choose a Painting Contractor

Painting Contractor

Ready for an update to your interior color scheme? Need new paint for the exterior of your home? Then, it’s time to hire a painting contractor. But, who should you choose? To ensure you get the best professional for your needs, keep these tips in mind.

Look for Experience

Unfortunately, many painting companies are owned and staffed by amateurs. Hiring college kids or other inexperienced part-time painters may save you money upfront, but ultimately, their work tends to leave faded spots, visible drips, and paint bleeding into unwanted areas. To avoid that, you need a painting company with a lot of experience.

Check Out Their Work

To assess the experience of a painting contractor, take some time to check out their work. Most quality contractors have online galleries showcasing their old painting projects. If you don’t see any photos on their website, ask to see samples. Also, take some time to investigate the company’s reviews on sites such as HomeAdvisor. If dozens of happy customers agree that the contractor offers quality work, you can rest assured that they can make your home look beautiful.

Consider a Painter with Carpentry Experience

Before starting a painting job, a quality painting contractor spends some time prepping the painting surface. Depending on your unique situation, they may clean the painting area, tape the different sections, and even do some light repairs. To ensure they can handle any repairs that pop up during the process, look for a company that does wall repair and light carpentry work. Then, if there are holes in the sheetrock, loose trim on the exterior of the home, windows that need to be sealed, or other issues, you can get that addressed before applying the paint.

Make Sure They Use Quality Products

Finding a quality painting contractor is essential, but you also want a contractor who uses quality supplies. Cheap brushes and rollers result in messy application, and inexpensive paint tends to flake off and fade much more quickly than quality exterior paint. As you talk with different painting contractors, ask what types of products they use.

Ideally, you want a painting contractor who uses quality paint brushes and supplies such as Purdy professional paint brushes. For staining wood, Cabot premium wood stain should be at the top of the list, and in terms of paint, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams offer the variety of color and top notch durability that your home needs.

Insist on a Free Estimate

Before you let someone start painting the inside or the outside of your home, make sure that you get a free estimate. Most quality painting contractors offer free estimates. If you get more than one estimate, don’t just go with the cheapest option. Remember, that company is probably cheap for a reason, and they may not have the experience or the skills to do quality work.

Make sure that you understand what’s included in the price and ask if the quote is set in stone or likely to change. Also, see if there is any warranty on the paint or the labor. Asking questions upfront is the best way to ensure you are hiring the right painting contractor for the job.

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