Interior Paint Trends for 2018

Interior Paint Trends

Choosing colors for your home’s interior is always challenging. Paint stores have hundreds of colors on display, and most promise they can make almost any color you want. To help you narrow in on the right option, we’ve put together this brief guide to 2018’s top interior paint colors.

Benjamin Moore’s 2018 Color of the Year

Every year, Benjamin Moore names a color of the year, and this year’s winner is a vibrant, charismatic, passionate shade of red. Caliente AF-290 promises to add sophistication, strength, and energy to your home.

This color is simultaneously bold yet calming. It can enliven a lounge space, make a home library cozier, or welcome guests to your entryway. According to Ellen O’Neil, Benjamin Moore’s Director of Strategic Design Intelligence, whether you use Caliente AF-0290 as an accent color or on all four walls, “the eye can’t help but to follow its bold strokes.”

2018 Color Trends from Benjamin Moore

Caliente AF-290 isn’t the only shade of red that’s in for this year. In fact, Benjamin Moore’s 2018 palette of top interior colors contains a lot of red. With this palette, you can adorn your walls with reds ranging from soft blush to deep oxblood, and then soften the look with a wide range of whites and neutrals.

If red is not your favorite shade, check out the other bold hues in this year’s color palette. The rich but gentle shades of Stone and Wolf Gray, the stark boldness of Black Beauty, and the smooth, calm of Sharkskin have been developed to perfectly complement neutral shades such as White Opulence, Moonshine, and Coastal Path in this curated palette. Mix and match your favorites from this palette for a truly unique look.

A Historical Touch from Benjamin Moore

When painting the interior of your home, it’s important to be true to yourself and your own sense of passion. If this year’s color trends don’t speak to you, you may want to take a step back in time and check out Benjamin Moore’s Historical Colors.

Inspired by historical places and landmarks throughout the country, this pallet includes everything from the rich clay of ancient cliff dwellings to the warm shades of Colonial Williamsburg to the lapping waves surrounding the Statue of Liberty.

Sherwin Williams 2018 Color of the Year

Of course, Benjamin Moore isn’t the only painting company to name a color of the year. Sherwin Williams also chooses a color to highlight every year, and this year’s winner is a significant departure from Benjamin Moore’s choice.

Oceanside SW 6496 is a rich shade of blue with jewel-toned green undertones. Sherwin Williams calls this color “accessible” and “elusive”. The harmonious blend of blue and green symbolizes the marriage of multiple concepts such as land and sea, old and new, and traditional and contemporary. The color evokes a sense of intelligence and honesty, and it works as both an accent and a primary color.

Color Combinations for Sherwin Williams Color of the Year

To complete your interior painting, you need the right complementary colors to pair with Oceanside, and Sherwin Williams color specialists have great recommendations.

If using Oceanside as your main color, enhance its sophistication with In the Navy SW 9178 accents. Alternatively, soften Oceanside with Adrift SW 7608, a calming shade reminiscent of the depth of the ocean and the expansiveness of the sky. Or, take your accents in another direction with the bright pop of Exuberant Pink SW 6840 or the sweetness of Honey Bees SW 9018.

Popular Palettes from Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams puts together a lot of color palettes every year and narrowing in on a palette can be one of the most effective ways to choose interior paint colors. When you opt to use a premade palette, you can rest assured that all the colors coordinate perfectly, and you can carry a theme throughout your home that easily transitions the eye from space to space.

For 2018, Sincerity is quiet but still rich with possibility. The palette hosts soft sandy tones, muted grays, hazy pinks, and greens. Imagine standing at the beach on a cloudy day, the gray sky, sandy beach, and azure water stretching out in front of you, while the hazy colors of beach homes lines the street behind you — that’s the feel of Sincerity.

Similarly, Affinity takes the multi-colored hues of ocean waters and adds shades of tan and brown. This creates a sense of grounding alongside of the possibility of endlessness. Finally, to add a splash of intrigue to this palette, Sherwin Williams looked around the world and brought together bright blues and rich reds found in artisan crafts.

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