Revive Your Home Decor with These Interior Painting Ideas

Interior Painting Ideas

Interior paint offers a wide range of possibilities, and a few cans of paint can make a room or even an entire home feel like brand new. Looking for inspiration for your next interior painting project? Check out these ideas.

Bold Ceilings

Take a cue from the accent wall and try the accent ceiling. A painted ceiling is a delightful visual surprise, and it can set the emotional tone for a room. Enliven your space by painting the ceiling a bold shade that complements the rest of the colors in the room. Or, create a cozy feeling by painting the ceiling the same warm color as the walls.

Want to make an even stronger impact? Experiment with stripes, or if you have exposed beams, paint them one color while painting the ceiling a lighter or darker shade of the same color. As an added bonus, since your ceiling isn’t directly next to your floor or furnishings, you can explore different colors that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to use on the walls.

Colorful Accent Walls

The iconic accent wall is still a popular feature in interior painting. An accent wall can simply be a single wall that is a different color than the rest of the walls in a room, but it can also be a lot more than that.

Consider using the accent wall to accentuate a visual feature in the room. Whether that’s a fireplace, a built-in bookcase, or even a flat screen TV, let the accent wall complement that feature and draw the gaze in its direction. Alternatively, take the accent wall a step further by turning it into a statement piece.

Statement Ideas

Forget about single colored walls and consider developing a statement piece. This interior painting trend treads the line between accent wall and art. Let us add crown molding to your home, or frame your fireplace with fluted columns. Those are just a few of the tasks Cape Cod Painting can do for you.

Warm and Light Hallways

Often overlooked, hallways also deserve great interior paint. As these areas often lack natural light, you may want to use light colors to reflect any light within the space. Alternatively, you can enhance the coziness of these areas with relaxing shades of blue, warm mahogany hues, or neutral tones such as toasted almond and slate.

To create a consistent look throughout your home, you may want to choose a curated palette of colors and then pick and choose hues from that group. Even if the rooms feature bold tones and the hallways feature soft tones, when you use a pre-existing palette, the overall look ties together seamlessly.

Whimsical Interior Paint Possibilities

You can inject a bit of whimsy in your interior paint plan by playing with unique ideas. Keep the family organized with a magnetic wall in the kitchen, give children or guests an outlet for their creativity with a chalkboard painted wall, or put some glitter in the mix anywhere in the home. For a blend of sophistication and eccentricity, try an ombré wall with shadowy tones that blend light shades near the ceiling into deeper shades near the floor.

Painted Trim

Wood trim adds elegance to a space, but painting the trim also offers a lot of potential. Add lightness and the illusion of more space to a room by painting the trim white. Revive old wood paneling by painting it a bold color and contrasting it with a neutral colored wall.

Or, go for a monochromatic effect by painting woodwork, built-in shelves, and walls all the same color — in this situation, the different textures enhance the aesthetics even though you’re only using a single color.

At Cape Cod Painting, we can help you hone in on the right choices for your next interior painting project. Contact us today at (508) 335-2639 to learn more about our interior and exterior painting services.

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